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[Can pine nuts eat more]_ Eat too much _ Impact

[Can pine nuts eat more]_ Eat too much _ Impact

[Can pine nuts eat more]_ Eat too much _ Impact

Pine nuts are nut foods and a snack that many friends love to eat in their lives.

The nutrition contained in pine nuts is also very rich, but it is still because the conversion of pine nuts is relatively high. If you eat too much, it will cause the body to get angry, so it is best to eat it in moderation.

Pine nuts have the effects of nourishing yin, moistening, and replenishing deficiency, and are consumed by many friends who are physically weak and constipated.

1. The high speed of pine nuts is easy to form. Although the pine nuts are good, it is not suitable for everyone.

Patients with spleen deficiency, diarrhea and sputum are best kept away from pine nuts.

Because pine nuts are oily and fragile, and belong to high conversion foods, it will easily cause the human body to get angry, and the problem of dry mouth will occur. Therefore, eating too much will increase the amount of traces in the body. The amount of pine nuts consumed daily is 20-30 grams.should.

2. If you eat too much, you may get angry. Eating a few pine nuts will not get angry. If you eat more, you may get angry.

Because pine nuts have high plasma and high fat content; and pine nuts are roasted, eating pine nuts will cause oral saliva to decrease and oral mucosa shift and friction, resulting in dry mouth, dry mouth, ulcers, and sore throat.

3, eating pine nuts in moderation will not get angry will be beneficial to pine nuts can help to correct deficiency, intestinal laxative-most suitable for constipation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pine nuts have the effects of nourishing yin, moistening, and replenishing deficiency, and are especially suitable for patients with physical weakness, constipation, and cough.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the laxative effect of pine nuts is eased, so it is particularly suitable for elderly and frail constipated people.

If desired, grind 20 grams of pine nut kernels, cook with 100 grams of rice as before, take it in the morning and evening.

If you like to eat pine nuts, you can eat them in moderation, but if you usually get angry, then you try to eat less or do n’t eat pine nuts for a short time, so as to avoid your body getting angry.The problem will be more serious.

And drink plenty of water when eating.

Efficacy and role of pine nuts1, pine nuts are highly toxic, and unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linoleic acid can reduce blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

2. Feces in pine nuts are oleic acid, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, which have a good softening effect on blood vessels, and are ideal health food for middle-aged and elderly people.

3, Vitamin E in pine nuts is as high as 30%, which has a good effect on softening blood vessels and delaying aging. It is an ideal health food for middle-aged and elderly people and an ideal food for women’s skin care and beauty.

4. The rich content of phosphorus and manganese in pine nuts has a beneficial effect on the brain and nerves. It is a good brain product for students and mental workers, and it also has a good preventive effect on dementia.

5. A large number of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium contained in pine nuts can provide rich nutrition to the body tissues, strengthen bones and bones, eliminate fatigue, and have great harm to the health of the elderly.

6, pine nut hypertension fecal oil, can intestinal laxative and slow diarrhea without hurting righteousness, it has a certain therapeutic effect on the elderly with constipation and constipation.

Taboo of pine nuts 1.

Ethanol in alcohol is eaten with traces of pine nuts, and appropriate traces are accumulated in the liver, which can easily lead to obese liver and damage the body.

Pine nut protease protein, eaten with soybeans containing protease protease resistance preparations, can cause protein absorption, cause nausea, and reject vomiting.