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[Can you eat winter jujube during lactation]_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

[Can you eat winter jujube during lactation]_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

[Can you eat winter jujube during lactation]_Breastfeeding_Can you eat

Everyone knows that because the breastfeeding mothers are at the breastfeeding stage, the food they eat will be absorbed by the babies through breast milk, and the baby’s constitution is very weak. Once it is harmful to the body, it will cause a lot ofThis is a disease, so there are many foods that are not suitable for breastfeeding mothers, such as barbecue or strong tea.

So, can lactating women eat winter dates?

First, can you eat winter jujube Winter jujube winter jujube is rich in protein, sugars, minerals, nutritional fiber, and very rich in vitamin C. The nutrients contained in winter jujube have adverse ingredients for lactating women.Winter jujube can bring certain benefits to yourself and your baby.

Second, what are the benefits of eating winter dates during lactation?

Blood-feeding and breast-feeding mothers consume several fresh winter dates when eating iron-supplemented foods, which can effectively reduce trivalent iron ions to divalent iron ions, promote the body’s absorption, and indirectly promote the body’s hematopoietic function, thereby achieving a certainTonic effect.


Increased immunity. Breastfeeding mothers are still weak because they have just given birth, and the rich vitamin C in Dongzao has strong antioxidant properties, which can help remove harmful free radicals in the body. In addition, Dongzao contains 19This kind of amino acid can enhance the body’s physical and humoral immune function. After breastfeeding, the mother can improve her resistance to the disease, and it can be transmitted to the baby through milk to strengthen the baby’s immunity.


Delaying the aging pregnancy stage will have a aging process during pregnancy, and after the baby is born, there may be problems such as rough skin due to taking care of the baby, and the antioxidant ingredients in winter jujube, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, are allCan help remove free radicals from the body, whiten the skin, and enhance the anti-aging effect.


Promote the growth and development of babies. The nutrition in winter jujube is relatively rich, containing more protein, vitamin C, minerals and other nutritional ingredients. After consumption by breastfeeding mothers, these nutrients will also enter the baby’s body through milk to grow and develop.Is helpful.

Third, the number of winter jujube a day is not suitable for lactation.

Winter jujube consumption is good for the body, but if you consume too much, breastfeeding mothers may experience gastrointestinal upset and indigestion, and may also pass to the baby through breast milk, so the baby will not experience symptoms of discomfort.

Therefore, it is not advisable to consume too much. It is best not to consume more than 10 capsules a day.

Fourth, what should be paid attention to when eating dongzao during lactation? Mothers should pay attention to ensure their source when lactating. Many dongzao are a lot of pesticides and insect-proof products, and the mature period of winter jujube is from the end of October to November.It is added with other ripening ingredients or cyclamate. It is not recommended for lactation.