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Not only does yoga reduce weight, it also increases?

Not only does yoga reduce weight, it also increases?

Not only does yoga reduce weight, it also increases?

Many people have said about the effectiveness of yoga slimming, the key is to persist!

In addition, yoga has increased functions, and many adults have done it.

  After practicing it, it was still good. I felt that my figure was too shapely, and grew from 160 to 161 (hint said it should be stretched, huh, huh), but for 25-year-old I am still very happy.

Why is this?

I searched the Internet specifically, and wanted to discover its specific scientific reasons.

  Muscle pulling on the spine can cause changes in body height within a day and night, usually people’s height will change, such as 1-3 cm higher in the morning than at night.

This phenomenon is mainly related to the human spine.

The human spine is not a straight vertical column, or is composed of vertebrae and bone spaces, which are flexible and elastic.

  In the morning, the muscles are fully rested and relaxed, which strengthens the function of the muscle groups that straighten the spine and straightens the stretched spine. At this time, the person will grow a few centimeters tall. At night, the muscles are in a fatigued state and unable to pull the spine.If the curvature of the spine increases, the person becomes shorter.

  In fact, everyone’s spine, including the trunk and pelvis, has a certain degree of abnormal curvature. If the yoga posture can be correctly and correctly raised, the deformed bones can be bent, thereby increasing the effect.

  The change in the height of the adult is also the skeletal space between the spine and the leg bones. The human body has 206 bones. Only the spine and leg bones determine the height of 37 knots.

The skeletal space is determined by the associated muscles and ligaments.

Changing these 37 gaps can change the height. If the compressed part between each vertebra is 1mm in diameter, then 36 vertebrae will increase by about 3.

6 cm, the average adult can shrink about 3-4 cm.

However, these skeletal spaces cannot be changed by forcible traction with external force, because the joint spine, tendons, and ligaments also need to be strengthened at the same time.

  The result of the stretching of the device can only cause damage to muscles and ligaments, and when the external force is eliminated, the gap will recover, and the height will rebound to the original height.

Some friends of the human stretcher have fallen ill without increasing their height. This is the reason.

Magical sports such as first-class yoga strengthen slenderness, tendons, ligaments, etc. while stretching, so that it has already achieved an increase and will not rebound.

  Yoga can correct the abnormal bending of the human body, affect the muscles and ligaments in the skeletal space, enhance the control of the skeletal space, and achieve the purpose of heightening.