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Yoga exercises are good for cancer rehabilitation

Yoga exercises are good for cancer rehabilitation

Yoga exercises are good for cancer rehabilitation

After diabetic surgery, women not only improved their physical condition after yoga practice, they also became more abundant than before, and their sleep also improved.

Yoga is a comprehensive exercise method that includes meditation, relaxation, breathing control, and expansion and various movement exercises.

This fitness method can not only fight the complications that occur during the treatment of cancer, but also be very useful for cancer rehabilitation.

  Pilates and Yoga Improve Quality of Life American studies have found that Pilates and yoga improve fitness activities that people call “body” exercises, showing a bright future for fitness.

This type of physical exercise has the ability to increase the body, improve quality of life, reduce various symptoms that occur during menopause, and reduce back pain.

  The study age ranged from 44 to 62 years, and each yoga session lasted 1 hour and was practiced twice a week.

It was found that after 8 weeks of persistence, waist complications significantly improved, and various symptoms such as flushing and night sweats during menopause were also significantly eliminated.

Pilates research shows that gradually after 12 weeks of exercise, the symptoms of low back pain have also been significantly relieved.

As a result, researchers point out that gentle fitness methods in the Yoga and Pilates categories have a significant impact on improving the health of middle-aged women.

  Do bodybuilders need more sugar?

  How do we add sugar?

For fitness, athletes do not need to add extra sugar in general training. The starch in the three meals is enough, but in endurance sports (long-distance running, marathon, etc.) due to the large consumption of sugar,To accelerate the disappearance of fatigue, an appropriate amount of additional sugar is needed.

  First, if a large amount of sugar is ingested in a short period of time, the sugar enters the blood, making the blood sugar too high, because the penetration effect of sugar causes water to be replaced from the stomach wall into the cavity, and the elderly affect the emptying of the stomach.Uncomfortable feelings such as dizziness, nausea, etc.

  Second, ingesting too much sugar will increase blood viscosity and circulation, which will affect the function of the heart, and longer muscles become stiff, which is extremely unfavorable for fitness and exercise.

  Third, ingesting too much sugar can increase triglycerides in the blood, leading to the cause of cardiovascular disease.

  Fourth, absorption of too much sugar will affect the absorption of calcium, and relatively reduce the absorption of other nutrients, causing slenderness to malnutrition.

  Fifth, too much sugar can easily lead to weight gain, because too much sugar in the body will turn into an aunt.

  In terms of the amount of sugar added: one kilogram of sugar does not exceed two grams of sugar, one gram of sugar per kilogram of body weight is appropriate, and a small amount of multiple is appropriate.