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[Acceleration method to remove peanut skin]_How to remove_Removal method

[Acceleration method to remove peanut skin]_How to remove_Removal method

[Acceleration method to remove peanut skin]_How to remove_Removal method

Usually when eating peanuts, I will always be told that peanuts must be eaten with skin. To eat with skin can nourish qi, and there are many effects, but some people do n’t like to eat peanuts because peanut skin will affectTaste, want to quickly peel the peanuts, you can learn these methods, simple and effective, do not worry about affecting the taste.

Do you have to eat peanuts with red clothes?

“Eating peanuts is accompanied by red skin.” The thin layer of red clothing on the outside of peanuts has many benefits to the human body and has been brought to many people.

However, peanut clothing is not good and not suitable for everyone.

For example, patients with bruised stasis tumors should not eat the red coat of peanuts, because peanut coats contain procoagulant substances and can be used for diseases such as hypocoagulation and thrombocytopenia.

In addition, those who suffer from bruises and blood stasis should not eat too much peanuts, otherwise the blood will not disperse and the stasis will be aggravated.

Besides, peanut red has a bad taste and a bitter taste. Some people just don’t like it, so there is no big hindrance to remove it. After all, the important nutritional value of peanuts is in peanuts, and it doesn’t matter that there is no red.

Peanut Peeling Tips 1. When the sun is exposed on a sunny day, place the peanuts in the sun, and it is best to put them in a container with a fast heat transfer, such as metal.

Leave it for half a day or a whole day, then put on cotton gloves and rub it with both hands, the peanut clothing will be replaced quickly.

Finally, use a fan or fan to blow, you can separate the peanut coat.

2. Wash the pan with water and fry the peanuts. Then fry the pan in low heat. While frying, rub the peanuts with a spatula. Fry until the peanuts start peeling in large quantities. Then turn off the heat and rub the peanuts with a spatula.Take off most of the peanut clothing, rub some of them with your hands, and blow off the peanut clothing.

Note, try to wash the water as much as possible before putting it in the pan to prevent scorched peanuts.